Creative Dance

This class is for ages 3-6.  Children will explore movement, improve motor skills, learn body awareness and basic dance and tumbling through imagination and play.  We will enjoy dancing to songs and stories.  Children will be guided in finding their own unique way of movement and expression.  Classes are kept small so each child gets plenty of attention.

Home School

This is a class designed for ages 5-7.  We will do an hour movement lesson working on proprioception, empathy, expression, and other valuable tools all through stories, movement activities, and play.  Children will be guided in finding their own unique way of expressing through movement.  For the second hour we will have a guided group project, such as art or a science experiment and at the end of class children will have some free time to explore movment in a really cool environment.  Space is limited so sign up ahead of time.

Peer Fun

This is a collaborative class between peers.  We will mix typically developing teens with some of their non typically developing peers and we will all dance together.  This is a chance to learn from each other and to support each other in a fun way. 

My daughter enjoyed 3 wonderful years of dance with Kellee. Her philosophy of teaching in a relaxed and playful environment gives the kids an opportunity to learn about dance and body movement while keeping it fun for them. She takes time to know each of the children as individuals. Kellee is also an accomplished dancer and choreographer, the annual recital performance is an amazing event for the kids and their fans alike.
— Sophia Vincent

Adult and Child

This class is for ages 1-3.  The class is geared towards the children with adults joining in the fun and assisting the child in their learning.  We will hear stories and explore movement together. 

Special Needs

Children of all abilities are welcome in Kellee's classes.  She has worked with children with all sorts of specialties from wheelchairs, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Blind, Deaf, Autism... basically if your child wants to dance they are welcome in my studio.  The best thing to do if your child is not typically developing is to call Kellee so you can decide together which class would best suit your child.

Community Dance

We want to invite anyone in the community to come and join us for an evening of fun.  Kellee will teach a short 15 minute lesson at the beginning of the evening and the dance style she teaches will vary every month.  Anyone is welcome to join the lesson.  For the rest of the evening Robb (her husband) will be DJ providing some good tunes and people are free to let loose and move as they wish.  This is just a time for anyone in the community to come and move maybe learn a step or two but just have fun.  This is a drop in event so you can come one week or every week.  There is no set fee, but donations are gratefully accepted.

I have danced and taught for over 20 years and had never seen methods like Kellee’s. She knows the needs of every child’s developmental stage and her classes are specially designed to meet those needs.
— Rosana Barragan director of M.F.A. in dance at St. Mary's College