Dance & MOvement FOR CHILDREN


If you were to look in on a class I was teaching, you would see a room full of young, happy, and engaged children, using their imaginations and learning to express their individual style. The children would be learning motor skills, basic dance technique, confidence and much more, but if you ask them, they would say they are playing and having fun. 

I have developed a way of working with young children that taps into their natural way of learning through play and imagination. When working with children, it's not necessarily what you are teaching them but how you are teaching them that is most important. If you bring knowledge to a child in the right way it will live and grow with them forever.

Moving Joyfully is different from other dance studios in that the main goal is not only to teach dance skills, but to guide the child toward finding their own movement voice. I encourage and teach children to express themselves through movement, in their own unique style. A poet once said, "Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music." This joyful, uninhibited expression fades so quickly in life. I believe it's extremely important to nourish this joy of movement while it still comes naturally with hopes that they'll retain it for as long as possible. I teach dance and movement foundations, but more importantly, I provide a safe, caring, and imaginative space for a child's sense of wonder and identity to flourish. I absolutely love my job.


In addition to my work with little ones under age six, I work with children of any age who are not typically developing.  These children can join a class or take private lessons.  The teaching adapts to the needs and desires of each child.  

Kellee is an awesome dance teacher! My daughter took weekly classes with her from the age of two until seven, the classes were always age-appropriate and progressed as the children grew. Most importantly the classes were fun, creative, relaxed, and the kids loved them. The progress in complexity of movement and confidence in my daughter has been impressive to watch. We love Kellee and can’t recommend her highly enough!
— Beth Gould and daughter Stella